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Dentures, also known as false teeth, are removable dental prostheses that replace missing teeth and supporting gum tissues. They can be full (complete) dentures, which replace all of the teeth in one arch, or partial dentures replacing a number of missing teeth. In addition, they are useful for patients having the following problems; failing heavily restored dentitions, wobbly teeth from gum disease, occlusal parafunction (bruxism) and traumatic overbites (where the teeth bite into the gum, making the gum sore).

Message from Finlay about dentures

Message from Finlay about dentures

Specialist in Restorative Dentistry, Prosthodontics, Endodontics and Periodontics
GDC Registration Number 69652
BDS Sheffield, DGDP(UK), MSc, MFDS RCS(Ed), MRD RCS(Ed), PhD, FDS(Rest Dent) RCS(Ed)

Questions for denture wearers:

  • Do you have problems with your full or partial dentures?
  • Do you want dentures that fit well, are comfortable and look fabulous?
  • Are you prevented from choosing the foods you like?
  • Do you get food underneath your dentures?
  • Would you like dentures that look just like natural, healthy teeth?
  • Do you want well fitting dentures without needing implants?
  • Do you want dentures that no one knows are dentures?

If the answer to any of the above is yes then I would love to help you. 

I am recognised as one of the world's leading denture making specialists. I teach dentists, clinical dental technicians and dental technicians state of the art removable prosthodontics throughout the world. If you would like to find out more about my denture teaching/mentorship (for dentists, prosthodontists, dental technicians and clinical dental technicians/denturists) please go to my education website:

I provide all of the dentures at the practice. Being deprived of teeth is disabling and, for many sufferers, considered a matter of shame, giving rise to feelings of loss of control/autonomy, loss of attractiveness, deterioration, ageing and other negative feelings. I do not believe that removable dentures are a second-class form of treatment compared to fixed replacement teeth, even in the era of dental implants. I work closely with Rowan Garstang (dental technician) who individually custom makes all of the dentures made for my patients. We absolutely love making dentures for our patients. Rowan's dental laboratory workshop opens directly into my surgery. This enables constant communication between Rowan and I, ensuring the production of the best possible prostheses. This arrangement is the fulfilment of my professional vision.

The dentures that I provide look and fit beautifully. They often change the lives of our patients. I have worked with Rowan since 1999, including producing a research PhD, where different chewing surfaces for dentures were tested, using 150 dentures on 50 patients.

We are completely guided by the patient in the tooth positioning and set up. I encourage the patient to assume the status of "captain of the dental crew”.

We can make dentures look exactly as patients' wishes. Often our patients will take the trial denture home before it is finished to ensure that they are completely happy with their new look. We aim to make the dentures as natural looking as possible in order that they escape detection and attention (unless the patient specifically requests otherwise). We do not compromise on the time spent making the dentures.

Why see a specialist prosthodontist?

In addition to their 5 year undergraduate training to become a dentist, a specialist prosthodontist has undertaken a minimum of 3 years training in various dental specialties followed by 3-5 years extra rigorous full-time training in prosthodontics. During their specialist training, they treat many patients with complex dental problems, attend consultant led clinics, receive "on the job" training and mentoring from experienced specialists, study the evidence base for prosthodontic treatments and techniques as well as undertaking a higher degree (MSc or PhD) related to prosthodontics. At the end of their training, they present 4 completed cases to examiners, treatment plan previously un-seen cases and are extensively questioned on their knowledge. Only when they have satisfied officially recognised examiners that they have the knowledge, understanding and competence are they awarded the Royal College of Surgeons accredited Prosthodontic qualification (MRD) to be able to call themselves a specialist prosthodontics.

Some general dental practitioners will offer prosthodontic treatments but will usually have undergone less formal training, often having less experience than a specialist and may be limited to using more simple treatment. Owing to their intensive training and career being focused around this specialty, specialist prosthodontists are in the best position to fully diagnose, plan and advise on appropriate treatment and use various denture techniques underpinned by scientific evidence, research and experience. In addition, specialist prosthodontists have the experience of treating both simple and more complex or challenging denture problems.

Dr John Besford's testimonial

Dr John Besford's testimonial

Finlay's close friend and mentor Dr John Besford, world famous former specialist in prosthodontics (now retired) said of Finlay: 

“Together with Rowan Garstang, his accomplished laboratory technician, Finlay is now producing some of the finest denture work - both functionally and aesthetically, in the world. The difference that this is making to his patient’s lives is obvious from the improved contours of their faces and the enhanced sparkle in their eyes by the end of treatment. It is as if their souls have been refreshed."

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures made from cobalt chromium frameworks are excellent for patients with heavily restored dentitions.

I am increasingly seeing patients with failing dental implants. These patients often benefit from well-made, removable dentures, avoiding the need for further surgical implant placement.

Not often fully appreciated within dentistry is that well designed cobalt chromium based dentures can help patients with the following dental problems:

  • Managing the heavily restored dentition - where fragile teeth can be protected by partial occlusal coverage in metal. In addition, should weak support teeth be lost, the denture is designed to allow addition of artificial teeth to the framework following extraction. This makes the denture future proof and longer lasting, reducing the need for remakes.
  • Managing patients with mobile teeth from parafunctional forces and with reduced periodontal attachment.
  • Managing patients with deep traumatic overbites, particularly in Class II div 2 cases.

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Delighted patient treated by Rachel using Invisalign clear braces.

Rachel treated this patient with Invisalign. She was delighted with the outcome of the treatment.


Dear Finlay and Team

Thank you so much for achieving the near impossible and restoring my smile – which has restored my confidence and wellbeing.

The whole experience was exceptional, from the friendliness and care to the empathy you all showed to me.

I am so grateful.

Love to all.



I have worn dentures successfully for a great number of years, but naturally, as I have got older my gums have receded and my dentures became less comfortable. Also, equally bad, my mouth had collapsed, giving me a Mr Punch-like appearance! I needed help and, having discussed the best course of action with my regular dentist, he advised that I should see Finlay. From the outset of my treatment, I was immediately put at ease. Finlay knew exactly how I felt and has magically corrected my mouth and facial appearance with the help of his team Rowan and Clare. They are a brilliant, talented, caring trio. I now have a wonderful set of natural looking dentures. I smile with renewed confidence and my family tell me that I look ten years younger! A VERY BIG THANK YOU.

To Finlay and all the team, Just wanted to say a big thank you for my new front tooth and the fantastic care I received. If I have any problems with my teeth in the future, I will definitely come back for your expertise. Thank you.

Dear Rachel and the team,

After years of feeling self-conscious when it came to my teeth, and a lifetime of not smiling a full smile, I decided to go ahead with searching for an orthodontic treatment. I decided to go to Rachel for my treatment after the wonderful orthodontic work my mother received from her. While feeling desperate to improve my teeth, I was also incredibly reluctant and worried about what the treatment would entail, how they would look throughout, and how long the treatment would take. All these concerns were halted by Rachel’s thorough consultations and the initial treatment plan I received from her before going ahead with the treatment.

My main concern before starting the treatment was how they would look throughout the whole process. I spoke these concerns through with Rachel during the first consultations and she helped to ease them all. She did this by discussing all of the different options available, such as tooth coloured fixed braces, and ensuring that the process would be as smooth as possible. The whole treatment has been an incredibly smooth and easy process, with Rachel talking me through and making me feel comfortable with every step.

Throughout the process, Rachel has worked alongside my own dentist and has kept him informed with each step of the treatment. While my work with Rachel is now complete, my own dentist will now be carrying on finishing my full treatment. The transitions between dentists has been incredibly smooth as they have both kept each other informed while ensuring I have complete understanding of what is taking place at each step.

I am so pleased that I went forward with my treatment, and it has been a very worthwhile investment which I will reap the rewards of throughout my lifetime.

I am so happy with the work that Rachel has done, and it has completely changed the way in which I view my teeth. It has changed my smile and has therefore improved my confidence overall.

For anyone thinking of any orthodontic treatment, I would highly recommend speaking to Rachel or another member of the team as they are all easy to talk to and incredibly helpful.

Every member of the Garstang Dental team that I have come into contact with has been a delight to meet, from the receptionists to the dental nurses, everyone is so lovely and makes you feel incredibly comfortable.

A massive thank you to Rachel and the team.

May 2019

Dear Finlay, I’d just like to thank you very much for the work you have done on my front tooth - I really have something to smile about now! Please thank all your colleagues, too. You all made me feel at ease.

To Finlay & the team, I would like to thank all at Garstang Dental Referral Practice for the care and consideration I have received over the past ten months during the period you have carried out the implant procedure which I hoped would transform my ‘smile’ without the need for a denture. Normally a visit to the dentist is a daunting experience, but I can honestly say that I have looked forward to each & every visit. The end result is ‘fantastic’ & I can understand why Finlay is so proud of his practice. I will recommend you, without reservation, to anyone I know who, in the future, requires specialist dental treatment.

A huge thank you to Finlay for applying his expertise down to the minutest detail in order to create for me the most fabulous, natural-looking, and superb-fitting dentures. Also to Rowan for his exquisite craftsmanship, thus creating these beautiful dentures. And to Clare for her professional part in the process and also for making me feel welcome and relaxed.

Finlay, Thank you very much for everything… you did a wonderful job.

To Dr Finlay Sutton, Rowan and the gang

First, I was afraid, I was petrified, cue for a song here me thinks!

Yes, indeed I was frightened and have been all my life of the dreaded dentist, probably because of the bad experiences with the school dentist back in the day. However, I needn’t have been because I was referred to this practice in Garstang where I was greeted by the wonderful Karen and equally wonderful nurse Claire, who from day one made me feel important to them and made me feel relaxed.I then met Dr Finlay Sutton such a gentle and caring man and so professional. He told me that I needed to have all my teeth removed because of gum disease but I knew instantly that I was in safe hands.

It was an amazing experience and after lots of visits, I now have my smile back. My new teeth are wonderful, so natural looking and people compliment me on them all the time.

So, a very big thank you to Rowan, Dr Finlay Sutton and the team.

Dr Finlay – you are simply the best!

From hating the dentist, I have grown to love Garstang Dental Referral Practice. You have become my friends for life.

Thank you and kind regards


June 2018

Nany V

Dear Finlay, Rowan, Claire, and the team

Many many thanks for my dentures, they are nothing short of “Technical wizardry”

I have been quite a challenge, but you have met each one with care and expertise, after years of ill fitting dentures and pain, I now have great fitting, natural looking top teeth, a few minor adjustments needed, but all will be well in the end.

Thanks again for the care and kindness shown to me throughout my treatment, I didn’t feel like I was visiting the dentist but like visiting friends.

“Keep changing lives”

Love and kind regards AB

May 2019

Thank you very much for your efforts to make my smile confident again!

Dear Finlay, Rowan, Claire and the entire team

I have filled in the post treatment questionnaire and it looks like I have rushed through it ticking the mostly never questions. Actually, I have really thought about each question carefully and the reason for mostly never answers is because of the amazing professional treatment that I have received at your practice. My old denture was fine, but the new denture is so light and well-fitting and absolutely no problem at all.

Thank you and also thank you for helping me at every stage of the procedure. It has also been a pleasure for me and good to know that you have my best interest at heart.

I would like to add that I was so lucky to end up with Finlay and his team, I don’t think anywhere in the world, I would have had as good a treatment.

Hope all is going well at Weind House.

Best wishes to you all

Helen K

Feb 2019

Helen K

Many, many grateful 'thank you's for what you all have done for me. My teeth are fantastic and my confidence has risen. Your skills and patience are fantastic. Thank you once again, you have given me my smile back.

I just want to say I am very pleased with the denture you made for me, thank you! Your care throughout was excellent. Carry on with the good work.

Dear Finlay and Claire

Thank you for your support and kindness during my treatment.

You really show so much care and compassion for your patients.

My appointments were always so friendly and reassuring much more than I have ever experienced with many other dentists.

I was expecting a traumatic experience, but you have both made it totally a great journey.

Keep smiling

Sue B

Dec 2018


Dear Finlay and Team

I am unable to thank you enough for the excellent work you and the team have done for me. I am more than happy with the results. I am only sorry I am unable to express myself better.

I feel more confident and can chew any food like I used to. Thanks so much.

Looking forward to my annual check up and seeing you all again.

March 2018


I would just like to say how great you have been with me, making me so relaxed and given what information I wanted as we went along. I’m much more confident in coming to the dentist.


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